Ali & Fila, one duo Egypt ought to be proud of!

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Egypt, Music

AlyFilaDJ/Producer duo Ali & Fila are rising to stardom faster than any of us could keep up with.  We ought to be so proud of these guys, who we used to listen to back when we still sported our 28.8k Motorola modems.  Now the boys have grown, and well established start DJs like Armin Van Buuren have recognized their talent a long time ago.  With the release of their debut album, Rising Sun, in May, 2010, Ali & Fila‘s recognition is on the rise.  Check the amazing video of fans from all over the world that enjoy their amazing work at the end of the post.  Egypt should be as proud of them as much as they are proud to be Egyptian.  If you couldn’t tell, every other picture they post has a strikingly Egyptian element in it, ie. a pyramid or something.

Hopefully I will get to score the interview I am dying to get with them and post here on  Untill then, go out support their great talent and buy their album, Rising sun.  After all we have been downloading their mixes and music for free for over a decade!

Keep up the amazing work guys, you make us all proud!


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