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Inspired by the courage of a nation, here are some of the home made tracks (MP3s & Videos) made by the people who wanted real reform. I will keep updating this list with more tracks and downloadable mp3s of these tracks. Check periodically for updates. And now, here are the tracks of The #Jan25 Soundtrack:

Thirteen Senses – Into the Fire

Unknown Protesters in Tahrir – حسني اتجنن…حسني اتجنن

Ramy Esam – إرحل

Amir Eid – Hany Adel – Hawary On Guitar & Sherif On Keyboards

Ahmed Mekky Ft. Mohamed Mohsen – 25th January

Ahmed Emara – قالوا مجنون اللي يفكر

Ramy Donjewan – Against The Government (ضد الحكومة)

RaShRadio – Scream For A Revolution

Scarabeuz & Omima – تحيا مصر

Abo EL Rokab   جمعة الغضب

Spidey and the Thunderstorm – ميدان التحرير



Published: Jan 26, 2011 @14:18 EST. Latest update: Jan 26, 2011 @15:07 EST

Thanks to the contributions of @monamahfouz and others

Although protestors in Egypt have bigger things to worry about now, like kidnappings and live ammunition, here are some tips on how to effectively deal with tear gas, and to NOT let it stop you from peacefully demonstrating.

The best defense against tear gas is a gas mask, but if you don’t have a mask there are still steps you can take to minimize damage from tear gas.

Below are tips on what you need to do to practically eliminate the threat of tear gas.  Things like not panicing and such are important, however your biggest allies are towels, water & air tight goggles. It is a known fact that air tight goggles are not a commodity easily accessible in Egypt, so here is what you should do:

1. Wet/soaked towels around your nose and mouth, add lemon juice, cider vinegar or soda-pop to your homemade face mask.  You must wear them as tight as possible. Loose towels won’t do you much good.

2. Take off your contact lenses.  It is one thing to not wear air-tight goggles, it is far worse to wear contacts while you are being gassed.  Wear your prescription glasses instead, you have better chances with them.

3. Protect your eyes: Use swim/diving goggles if you can’t find an air-tight eye protection. If unavailable, hoodies and other head gear might help.

4. It is a good idea to carry a plastic bag with a cloth of paper towel in it soaked in pure emon juice, cider vinegar or soda-pop. Seal it and breath the fumes if you get exposed to high doses of tear gas. Any acid can be used to neutralise tear gas, though bleach is best. Fumes of chopped-up onions underneath the nose can help. Carry some in plastic bag, use as needed.

5. Do NOT panic.  You will only start breathing harder and you will inhale more fumes that will cause more pain.

6. Dress in layers. Once a layer of clothes catches the fumes, you should remove that layer, or you will continue breathing the fumes in smaller doses on extended periods of time. try to wear waterproof/rain clothes as a top layer. If desperate, use heavy-duty garbage bags.

7. Only if you can, kick the launched smoke canisters away from you and other people in your crowd. Do NOT grab them and throw them back right away, they might burn your skin. Only grab and throw back if they are not hot to the touch.

8. NEVER wash/rinse tear gas with hot water. This will open pores and get the skin to suck it more. Use cold water instead.  It is preferable to have a bottle of water dissolving around 5% of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in it to rinse with.

9. Flush eyes with saline or water. To soothe, use alkaline solutions. Mix baking soda, shampoo, milk or Mylanta with water and flush eyes.

10. Avoid creams that are oil-based or sunscreens. They will increase its absorption through skin and will lead to more respiratory consumption as well.

11. Deal with the source: If there is a garbage bin or bucket on hand, put it over the canister. Also, acids can be used to neutralize tear gas.  If you have a bucket, vinegar, and strong gloves, drop the canister into vinegar.

– Use hockey sticks, cricket bats or baseball bats to hit tear gas canisters back at attackers.

مصر إيه غير “فيلم ثقافي” لكل شاب مصري، و تحرش جنسي بكل شابة مصرية

The following words were tweeted today by @ANaje, I had to consolidate and repost them. Enjoy.

،مصر ايه غير مبارك وشوية زبالة ودخان قاهري ملوث
،مصر أيه غير ابو تريكة بيعمل اورل سكس مع عمرو خالد
،مصر أيه غير راقصة برتغالية بترقص في مطعم مكسيم
،مصر أيه غير قذفة منوية من زبر الشاعر ألفونسو، وجزء من صدر شيرين، وضربة جيتار من تامر حسنى
،مصر أيه غير شوية مدونات بتشتم في مبارك والحكومة، وتدعو للوحدة الوطنية
،مصر أيه غير عمرو ذكى بيطبع قبلة على جبين الحضرى، ومشجع زملكاوى بيتحرق
،مصر ايه غير مرتضى منصور يلعب البوكر بيد وبالثانية يطلق النار
،مصر أيه غير نيل معفن مليان جثث حيوانات ميتة
،مصر ايه غير سيقان علاء غانم المسلوخة و بزاز غادة عبد الرازق المدلدلة
،مصر ايه غير جرايد معارضة بتنشر صور واخبار مبارك اكتر من الجرايد القومية
،مصر ايه غير فيلم بيخرجه خالد يوسف ويمنتجه محمد عواض
،مصر ايه غير قصيدة بضان لفاروق شوشة، وقصيدة ابضن لعبد الرحمن الابنودى
.مصر ايه غير ريحة السجاد المعفن في مسجد الحسين

By Dina Wahba

This is a post that I came across that for some reason reminded me of this video, and boy do I feel the same about Egypt, a country that now embraces the ban of Christian players from its national soccer team & threatens modern-jihad against its minorities.  I decided to repost the aforementioned post without the permission of the writer. The beauty of the internets! Here is the original post . . .

Egypt is becoming increasingly unrecognizable to me! I no longer know what to expect from my surrounding environment..I haven’t been writing for a while but at this point I had to.. the whole point of this note is to share some incidents I have been witnessing..I don’t mean to judge or condemn in anyway I just don’t know what to make of all of this..I apologize to the people I quote in this note (I won’t mention names) but I hope they don’t find it offensive in any way

Incident no. 1:

I realized that lma bamshy f el share3 m3a so7aby w netshetem mab2enash 7ata nest3’rab we just move on 3ady gedan! What happened lately (w mkntsh awel mara) I was walking with my friend w wa7ed shab 3ady gedan rakeb 3arbya (y3ny msh 3amel wla bawab) tele3 2aly “RABENA YA7’ODKO YARAB”!!!

Incident no. 2:

A conversation with some of my friends:

Guy one: Y3ny ento b2a 7aseen en ento motahdeen maslan ”with a sarcastic tone”?

Me: La2 7’ales..bas bamshy fe el share3 el regala bted3y 3lya!

Guy two: maho msh m3nah en e7na bned3y 3la 7ad yeb2a eny deh 3’altet el ma7na bnd3y 3la Israel!!!


Girl one: tab hoa enty konty labsa eh? 7aga cut y3ny aw keda?

Me: LA2A! w 7ata law ana labsa cut astahel eny 7ad yed3y 3lya f el share3!!! Bas 3mtan ana mesh mothda wla 7aga w wa7’da 7o2oy kolha

A friend’s status:

Bottom of Form

“واحد سائق قال لى مبقاش راجل لو سبتك تعدى بعربيتك الأول ممكن حد يشرحلى الرجولة هنا ؟””

Incident no. 3:

I was sitting in City Stars.. two foreigners were sitting in the table across mine..a guy and his girlfriend..the guy sat beside his girlfriend and started holding her and maybe they kissed, I am not sure I didn’t really look I saw this with the corner of my eye keda.. then suddenly the waiter comes to them and say a very loud “EXECUSE ME!” ana masm3tsh el ba2y but I saw the guy very politely bey2oum mn gamb sa7beto!!! Hoa law kano masryeen kan momken atfham bas hoa e7na 7ata bn3mel keda m3a el aganeb 7’alas!!! We cannot tolerate such acts 7’alas!! Hmmm

Melody tat7ada 2elet el 2adab!!!

أسست سلطات الأمن المصرية مطلع الشهر الماضي، قسماً جديداً لتعقب الناشطين السياسيين على الموقع الاجتماعي الشهير ‘فيسبوك’، ومواجهة انتشار المجموعات على المواقع المناهضة للحكومة والحزب ‘الوطني الديمقراطي’ الحاكم والرئيس حسني مبارك ونجله جمال.ويستهدف القسم الجديد، الذي يتبع إدارة مراقبة الإنترنت في وزارة الداخلية، رصد ما يدور في هذه المجموعات بدقة ولحظة بلحظة.

Incident no. 4:

Girl one: Nas keteer awy fatra ramdan dah “disgusted”

Me: El seyam dah 7aga maben el wa7ed w maben rabena

Girl one: y3ny eh beno w ben rabena?! Dah rokn mn arkan el islam!!!

Me: hoa ana 2olt 7aga bas we7na malna kol wa7ed 7or

Girl one: we7na malna ezay?! Akeed 7aga tez3al w b3den makanosh b2a 2alo el mortad 3n el den lazem yet2etel


Incident no. 5:

I was tagged in a note entitled  للمسلم وحبيبته المسيحيه والعكس… بطلوا استهبال انتوا الاتنين وكفايه غلط لحد كده

Incident no. 6:

Girl one: ana 3ayza a3ml dental braces bas my dad mesh rady 3ashan law galy 3arees

I have A LOT more from what I see and hear and read about everyday and maybe you won’t be surprised as I am and maybe it’s only me bas I’ve been feeling lately that I am living in مصر التي لا أعرفها