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Inspired by the courage of a nation, here are some of the home made tracks (MP3s & Videos) made by the people who wanted real reform. I will keep updating this list with more tracks and downloadable mp3s of these tracks. Check periodically for updates. And now, here are the tracks of The #Jan25 Soundtrack:

Thirteen Senses – Into the Fire

Unknown Protesters in Tahrir – حسني اتجنن…حسني اتجنن

Ramy Esam – إرحل

Amir Eid – Hany Adel – Hawary On Guitar & Sherif On Keyboards

Ahmed Mekky Ft. Mohamed Mohsen – 25th January

Ahmed Emara – قالوا مجنون اللي يفكر

Ramy Donjewan – Against The Government (ضد الحكومة)

RaShRadio – Scream For A Revolution

Scarabeuz & Omima – تحيا مصر

Abo EL Rokab   جمعة الغضب

Spidey and the Thunderstorm – ميدان التحرير



AlyFilaDJ/Producer duo Ali & Fila are rising to stardom faster than any of us could keep up with.  We ought to be so proud of these guys, who we used to listen to back when we still sported our 28.8k Motorola modems.  Now the boys have grown, and well established start DJs like Armin Van Buuren have recognized their talent a long time ago.  With the release of their debut album, Rising Sun, in May, 2010, Ali & Fila‘s recognition is on the rise.  Check the amazing video of fans from all over the world that enjoy their amazing work at the end of the post.  Egypt should be as proud of them as much as they are proud to be Egyptian.  If you couldn’t tell, every other picture they post has a strikingly Egyptian element in it, ie. a pyramid or something.

Hopefully I will get to score the interview I am dying to get with them and post here on  Untill then, go out support their great talent and buy their album, Rising sun.  After all we have been downloading their mixes and music for free for over a decade!

Keep up the amazing work guys, you make us all proud!

Fuck you Eminem!

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Music, Relationships, Social Critique

Remember when Eminem used to be funny? Remeber when he used to be angry? When he used to be crazy? Real? Yeah, not anymore!

Eminem’s new hit single, Love the Way You lie (ft. Rihanna) has women of all ages reaching for the Kleenex box after a few drinks, a crippled relationship or deep thought at spin class.  Almost every woman I talked to about this song says the following generic statement in some way, shape or form: “But you don’t understand, I have been through things that connect me to this song”.  Every time I hear this, without fail, I want to gag and barf.

It is a known fact in the music industry that if you want to sell your music quickly you target women, preferably teenage girls, who mostly can’t stomach the gut wrenching trouble of bootlegging or torrenting their favorite tunes, but to women in general.  I just didn’t think that Eminem would stoop so low in the mainstream trick-basket to sell his music.  Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t call him mainstream he might throw the first fist and have his boys fuck me up like he did to Vincent Chase.  Meh, I am disappointed in him.

Side note: Off the twitter feed

@jeremypiven: @eminem Good work on Entourage tomorrow night Em, although don’t quit the day job kid… 4:46 PM Sep 11th via txt

@eminem: @jeremypiven thanks dad… You were great in Old School. Now you’re just old. 4:48 PM Sep 11th via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to jeremypiven

This is not the first time we see Eminem stray away from his white-trash selling points.  Marshall Bruce Mathers the third has bombarded us with his self-hating political rhetoric (It wasn’t his bleached blond hair that gave away his white-ness, it was his choice in recreational drugs) in both the far and recent pasts.  After all, this single-issue-voter/artist does indeed make Steve Earle look like Toby Keith.  But that didn’t get him anywhere, after he vocally campaigned for Barack “Hope” Obama, on the premise of bringing the troops home, Eminem’s Superman (No not his song Superman, which is most excellent by the way).  Sadly, for M&M, America’s 44th president sent 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan, pushing the offensive further and making 2009 & 2010 the deadliest years for America’s service members in Afghanistan.  But Marshall should understand, after all he pulls his “unloaded” piece out in car audio stores and in an assortment of arguments.

To his credit, instead of digging deeper into the hole, he took a couple of steps back and decided to craft one of those wrecked-relationship tracks that are illusive enough and have a word or two that will cater to anyone out there.  Once again, to his credit, this is a form of art that is hard to be mastered.  I call it the A Matter of Perspective art, coining the term after @almojadidi‘s brilliant frictional post.  The type of art in which, anyone can take it, morph it and milk it, making of it whatever the hell he/she wants.

Getting back to my initial point, Eminem’s latest lyrical masterpiece (sarcastic tone!) sickens me to my core.  It is also kind of ironic that this track’s featured artist, Rhianna, is  a victim of domestic abuse.  Contrary to his lyrical suggestions however, she did not go running back to her mans. Instead, she ran to the police & Jay-z, then Brown got arrested and apologized like a little bitch in a baby-blue bow-tie on Larry King after Jay-Z put the fear of God in him.  This whole song is one big sad experince.

Finally, here is my humble message to Eminem: Get back on the numbing pills man, head back to the 313, develop gangster artists through Shady/Aftermath, or do what ever it takes to get back to the old Eminem, because what you are becoming is a heartrending end.  It is the antitheses of what you were.

Yours truly,

The Strict Machine