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Disclaimer:  Pornographic material ahead, please do not view of you are not of legal age in your area.  The following material might prove EXTREMELY offensive to many people, especially Muslims, please proceed with caution.  Please note that neither the author of this post nor the person that directed him to the material mentioned in this post endorse or support the material being discussed in this post.  Personally, even though I am not a Muslim, I find it disgusting and extremely repulsive.  When I realized that this is out there and no one knows about it, I decided to share it with the world in a merely informative act.

When I first started this blog, like any other writer, I wanted to get more exposure, more hits-per-day if you will.  So the naive person I am googled “how do you make your blog more popular?” and I found this.  The first tip in this handy advice was “Start a controversy. Just remember not to cross the line”.  Anyway, so recently after I started this blog, I was visiting Florida, and even though I was keeping this whole blog identity a secret, I told a trusted Floridian about it during my visit and I asked this person and their sibling to share things with me that I can post that might be interesting to my readers.  Well this was a while back, and I had completely forgotten about the advice given on that website and the conversation I had with my native Floridian friends.  Long story short, a few days ago, I get an email with the following simple words: “Yo, you wanted controversy, check this shit out . . . its on the 2nd page” this was complimented with a link to a store within the pay-per-view smutty pornographic website called Clips4Sale.  While I thought I was knowledgeable regarding all internet activities relate to pornography, I was wrong.  After some research I discovered that this website is basically a shopping mall that provides a space for the mildest to the most extreme of freaks the space to meet vendors willing to cater to their fetishes.  Some of the things I found on this website are beyond disturbing, incest fantasies, taboo sexual arousal based on skin-color based insults, etc. I can write so much about this cesspool of filth, but I will save it for a rainy day.

As directed by this friendly yet illusive message, I clicked the link to Tara Tainton XXX‘s clip store.  Like her peers, this seemed like another fetish-vendor.  As I browsed my way to the second page, there it was, the title was extremely shocking “Humiliating You by Defiling Your Precious Qur’an and Islamic Religion“, for $15.99 you can get the entire 12 minutes of Quran and Islam insults.  I personally did not buy the clip, but watched the preview over and over in disbelief of what I was seeing.  The description of the video in its self was jaw dropping: “Is this your precious Qur’an? The book that you live by? The text that you read daily and hold as sacred? What do these words really mean to you? HMMMMM??? I think it’s all a bunch of ! Wanna know what I think of the Qur’an? Islam? Even Mohammad and Allah?!?!? Oh, let me show you all the ways I’m going to defile, rip, soak, tear, crush, wipe my ass, and clean the toilet with your beliefs! xoxo, Tara” I don’t plan on buying the clip, and I really hope you don’t either, lets not support this filth.

What is also creepy about this whole situation is following quote from the homepage of that website “Tara loves hearing suggestions! Submit your FETISH FANTASY or SEXY SCRIPT suggestion for Tara’s consideration FREE OF CHARGE. Your personal fantasies could come to life right here in your favorite store!“.  Now you gotta ask your self, did someone actually ask for this, and why?

Even though it seems that she is using some printed pages, and not the real thing, I believe this is against proper disposal protocol of disposing of any holy book.  I remember back in the day in my college career, one night I was hanging out with a bunch of dudes, completely out of my comfort zone.  They smoked pot and I didn’t, and at some point they ran out of zigzags, then they started sharing running-out-of-zigzags stories.  One struck me hard.  Apparently, one of them was hanging out in  some hotel in the US smoking up with his boys, and when they ran out of zigzags, they pulled the courtesy Gideon bible out of the night stand and used its paper to roll joints.  I was in shock, I was speechless, needless to say I was heart broken.  We have all seen the naughty nun fantasies, the catholic priest and alter boys (which are kind of true), but stories/incidents like these crosses all the lines . . .