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Posted: October 26, 2010 in Personal, Random

A few days ago, I was having lunch with a friend, and I was telling her I feel like I am going insane, as I have a million thoughts in my mind and none of them have anything to do with each other.  She laughed and said, you know, I am the same way.  Shaking my head, I refuted her statement and said, you really don’t understand, I write my thoughts down and they don’t make any sense, I forget to do things because I am thinking about a million things.

Today, on facebook, she sent me this message: (Names are changed for her, and her man’s privacy)

Jack … Jack’s face… me smiling… me and Jack… makeout sesh with Jack in the car… flames everywhere lol… fuck i gotta study… what should i listen to? ooh black keys tighten up, i should send that to Jack he’ll like it… he’s such a geek… im such a geek too were so good together lol… cock :o… he makes me laugh a lot… don’t forget to proof read this before i hit send… wonder if he’s still napping?? ugh stupid interview tomorrow… this weekend is going to be awesome… i wanna sleep, fucking facebook, fuck mark zuckerman (inside joke about Zuckerberg) … he’s the youngest billionaire ever, he donated 100 million to build a school in wisconsin -what an asshole lol…

And that is my 2 minute thought process -see babe you’re not crazy lol

I am glad I am not the only one who is like that!!!